Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen

Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen

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First Name * Henrik
Last Name * Bjerregaard Clausen
Username * henrikbc
Country * Denmark
City Aarhus
Nationality Danish
Languages DanishEnglish



Website henrikbc.com


Started on pen & paper, moved on to DeluxePaint on the Amiga 500 and later Imagine & ImageFX on the A1200. Became active in the demoscene at The Party in 1995. Was part of groups; Puld, Ostebulen, Dream Factory and finally joined JUNK in the late 90's. Around the same time I switched to a PC based platform and started using 3dsmax.

My primary focus was on visually pleasing effects (particles, volumetrics, dynamic simulations) right up until the point where the technical aspects seemed less interesting than why they were there.

I developed an interest in storytelling and directing and has since shifted my attention towards these goals. I am currently involved in the development of various animated and live action projects.